Run your own Kids Car Boot events !

In 2009, as parents of 4 young children (and a daft dog called Charlie !), we needed to find an easy way to earn an extra income, while at the same time, not take up too much precious family time.

We also wanted to earn the extra income by providing a valuable FUN service to the local community and raise funds for a children’s charity.

So in Feb 2009, we ran our very first Kids Car Boot event…

Ever since, our Kids Car Boot events have provided the additional income we need, whilst taking up just 1 Sunday morning a month.

……….  Best of all, over the last 13 years, our events have helped raise over £82,050.00 for Barnardo’s !

We are now keen to find other families who would like to run a Kids Car Boot event in their community, as a franchise.

So, with our support, if you are interested in running a Kids Car Boot event in your community, to help your family earn an income, please send us an email with your contact details and we will be in touch to tell you everything you need to know !

Please also, have a look at our video and gallery; it will give you a good idea of how our events perform !

Email :

Look forward to speaking to you soon : Kids Car Boot