Our Events

Our indoor events have 3 elements to them – the first is Mum’s, Dad’s/Children “SELLING” and “BUYING”, the second is children “SWAPPING” and the third is “DONATING”.

Our events enable families to trade in a FUN and SAFE environment, recycling their unwanted items in the community, BUYING themselves a bargain or SELLING their unwanted Toys, Games, Books and Clothes and making themselves a little extra money.

As the events become more popular we will hold them in other areas, then across the region… and who knows maybe across the country, developing a real community where everyone can BENEFIT !


9:00am – Stall holders arrive… Somebody will be there to meet and greet you, and explain what you need to do. To make your life easy, make sure you load your table in last, so when you arrive at our event, it’s the 1st thing to come out of your car.
10:00am – Once all the stall holders are all set up, we let the customers in !
11:00am – We have a Swap Shop Session for the children.
12:00 noon – Barnardo’s arrive at the end of our event and anything you have not managed to sell, if you want to, you can leave it behind at their donation point… Saves you having to take it home !

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